International Debt Collection

Think globally, act locally.

When you haven’t been paid from your customers abroad, we are here for you. In addition to having offices in 4 European countries, we have a network of agents in 160 countries outside Europe. In other words, you can get help with your claim in literally any country.

Knowledge of local laws and regulations are only part of the circumstances that must be taken into account when a debt is collected. It is just as much about knowing the country’s pronounced and unspoken standards. We always work based on local conditions with our own agents, based on the specific problems and opportunities that exist locally.

Debt Surveillance – Keep track of what’s yours, and get it.

If the collection measures become ineffective due to the fact that your customer does not have the ability to pay in the short term, the case is transferred to our long-term monitoring. There we continuously monitor changes in your customer’s finances and when it improves we try to reach agreements, via letters and telephone.

For us, it’s of great importance to have a good dialogue because it justifies payment settlements. Our large database gives us unique information about your customers’ payment behavior. This, in turn, gives us the opportunity to offer situation-adapted measures and individual solutions that make it easier for a debtor to eventually pay.

Sell your old depreciated debts – Free up hidden assets.

We buy your invoices when they are written off. We buy your written-off claims Sell parts or the entire loan portfolio with your old claims to us and get the money directly. In the purchase, you get a serious partner who acts professionally and who does not risk your brand or reputation in the market. We act throughout Europe and also buy foreign debt. The purchase price is determined after a detailed analysis of the debt in question.

International Legal Services – Your in-house law firm, all over the world.

We are your legal representatives in negotiations with customers outside court in order to obtain payment for disputed claims, for example, bankruptcy cases and eviction cases.

Disputed claims

We have a separate department with about fifteen lawyers, who process and determine disputed claims on a daily basis. Each of them is specialized in industry and the goal is to find the best solution for business. Sometimes it can be hard to reach a settlement in good standing for a continued relationship between you and your customer, but it can also mean driving a dispute through all the courts to safeguard your right and get paid for the claim.

  • A modern, cost-effective and qualitative dispute resolution.
  • Acts as your legal representative.
  • Assist with hands-on action in ongoing disputes, but can also prevent disputes arising by reviewing your company’s contractual terms and credit procedures.

Dispute Resolution
Nordic Inkasso acts as legal representative in negotiations with end customers at and outside the court with a view to obtaining payment for disputed claims. Nordic also acts as legal representative in, for example, bankruptcy cases and eviction cases.

Counseling – We investigates who’s responsible.
On behalf of the customer, whether board members of a limited liability company that are bankrupt can be made personally responsible for payment for the client’s claim against the limited company. The result of the assessment of assessed ability to pay is reported in writing to the customer, and in the end, it’s always your choice how to proceed – we make sure you have all the best options for taking a correct decision.

Investigation of representative responsibility and recommendation.
Nordic investigates, at your request, whether any one or a few deputies for the end customer can be considered to have a personal payment liability for the claim in question. (This inquiry can be performed at the customer’s request without prior investigation of payment ability). If such responsibility is deemed to exist, the payment capacity of the representatives is checked. The result of the investigation of representative responsibility and recommendation on how the customer should proceed with the requirement is reported in writing to the customer, and again, it’s your choice how to proceed.

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