Factoring & Legal Services

Financial solutions

We offer easy to use and cost-effective financial solutions to manage your sales ledger proficiently. We relieve your administration, create better cash flow and provide credit. You will focus on your customers and free up resources and time to strengthen your business. Our cooperation is characterized by a close relationship and responsiveness, and together we create the best conditions for your business to grow.

Invoice services – Free up time and get paid faster.

Administration is great, but why not concentrate on what you do best? Our tailor-made invoicing services simplify and eliminate complications – and improves your cash flow.
We act as your finance department with a wide range of safe and reliable solutions within factoring, credit management and debt collection. Let us help you free up time and get paid faster.

Payment reminders – Get paid in time.

With our systematic reminder service, you can spend time on new business. The fact that the invoices are paid in time is largely about having good routines for reminders. You will save a lot of work and time with Nordic Inkasso. Your customers will pay when they get reminded to so you will be sure to get your money.

Invoice distribution – Sell more, focus less on administration.

Handling customer invoices manually is very time consuming, especially if there are delays in payment. With the service invoice distribution, we systematize your entire invoice management.
We will distribute your invoices for you in all of Scandinavia in the most simple and efficient way, so you get more time to do new business.

Factoring – Free up time and money.

When you use our Factoring services, you get better cash flow and save a ton of time. We will offer you flexible factoring services with up to 90% of the invoice paid the very same da. We act as your external credit department with the goal of reducing both loan losses and administration. Instead of spending time sending invoices, reminders and monitoring payments, you can focus on your core business and on doing new business. Nordic Inkasso is at your service every day of the year, always having the capital for your business to grow.

Sell your invoice today – Cash in on the value of your invoices.

Selling your invoice is a smooth solution when your company needs quick liquidity and increased cash flow to grow. Sell your invoices to us while freeing up capital and precious time. After approved credit check on your customer, we pay you up to 100% of the value; You get money in the bank to grow your business before your client has paid. For this type of factoring, invoice purchase with regress, we take over the right to the invoice – but not the risk. If the invoice is unpaid, you will buy it back from Nordic Inkasso at the exact same price we bought it – so you take zero risk!

We will help you get paid in all of Scandinavia. One of our factoring experts will contact you within 24h after you’ve reached out.

Legal help and advice – Secure the quality of your business.

Since 2004, we’ve had our own in-house team of lawyers at Nordic Inkasso, which works in areas such as business law, rental and real estate law, e-commerce law, credit and debt collection law, as well as company law and association law. Our team of experienced lawyers are also specialized in litigation and process and, among other things, handling the claims and disputes that arise as a natural part of Nordic Inkasso’s debt collection business. Through our close cooperation with you as a client, you can use our legal services for very good prices – a unique added value for you as a customer with us.

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