Let’s go back in time.

30 years ago, our founder Björn, was running a construction business.

Everything was all good. Björn was happy with his work, his customer was happy with results.

In the year of 1996, Björn took on one of his biggest jobs yet.

Consultants, architects, and Björn, together, they built on of the most spectacular buildings Oslo had set their eyes on.

The client was excited, satisfied and happy.

“I remember that evening. I sent them the invoice, went home to my wife and kids, and we celebrated together. I was on top of the world” says Björn.

The client had assured Björn that the invoice would be paid immediately, and the money was to be on his business account within a few days.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months.

Still, no money was to be seen.

Björn kept calling the client, and they assured him that the money was on its way, there were just a few issues, nothing related to him, nothing to be worried about.

The contractors were getting inpatient, they wanted to get paid as much as Björn did.

Some even threatened to sue him!

He spent hundreds of hours and enormous amounts of energy trying to get his client to pay.

Since he didn’t have any money, he couldn’t take on any new jobs.

Long story short, the client didn’t pay.

In late August of 1996, Björn declared bankruptcy.

He lost it all.

Not only his business, but his relationship with his clients, and the worst part – his relationship with his wife.

Björn was devastated and furious at the same time.

“How can I get my revenge” was the only thing that was running through his head.

After some time, when the strong feelings had subsided, he began to think.

He had heard about other people who’ve been in his situation and realized it was a big problem.

That’s when the idea of “Nordic Inkasso” was born.

Ideas began to flow to him.

He would create a service, a service, that would handle all the things related to debt collection.

Inkasso services and debt collection, administration, legal questions – everything!

He called one of his good friends, who was a lawyer, and in the early spring of 1997, they founded the company and moved into an office on Haakon’s VII’s Gate in Oslo.

Today, almost 20 years later, they successfully helped thousands of customers avoiding the same fate that Björn once encountered, by founding one of the most respected debt collection companies in our time.

The vision is simple.

The customer shall focus on building their business and creating income.

We shall make sure the customer gets paid.

Simplicity, honesty and integrity.

That’s what it’s all about.